Fresh Start

Detail of the first bridal bouquet designed by Fleur Events.                                     Photo Credit: Jen Araya Photography

Detail of the first bridal bouquet designed by Fleur Events.                                     Photo Credit: Jen Araya Photography

Starting something new is scary, but so exciting.  I remember just before I announced my intentions to launch my first business, Fleur Girls, I cried on the phone with one of my favorite girlfriends.  I was so worried that I would put all of this energy into something, and no one would call.  I would never get a job. The fear of failure was oppressing.  I had recently had my wonderful and totally consuming first son Jack, and although I felt so much gratitude for my growing, healthy and beautiful family, creatively I was withering away.  Business started out really slowly.  Our first wedding was my own and all our first clients were people we knew or friends of friends.  The sensation of completing those first jobs and having happy customers was electrifying.  I was hooked.  In our second year we designed over five times as many events as we did in our first.  At one point we were even commissioned by our former employer to make giant paper flowers,  which was tremendously satisfying.  

With this success, I found myself doing a lot of soul searching about what I really wanted.  Family, creative control, and really really good customer service were at the top of my list.  Due to the circumstances of our separate lives, my business partner and I started to head in different directions.  We both had good intentions but it became clear that Fleur Girls was falling apart.  Which brings me to this quote:

"Sometimes things fall apart, so that better things can fall together."  -Marilyn Monroe

And so Fleur Events was born, the wiser more experienced big sister of Fleur Girls.  I will miss being a part of Fleur Girls and I will miss my business partner. I would not be where I am without them.  I learned so much about myself and about owning a business.  I never would have known any of it if I hadn't jumped in that first time, and even though it is still really scary I am so ready to jump in again.