Part Two of a Mother's Day gift

Part Two: A Step by Step Tutorial

All the beautiful images for this post provided by Jen Araya Photography.

Place branches in an arch shape into the vase to create a structure to weave your stems through. At first you will have to lay the flowers across each other, but as you build they will become more secure and you will have more freedom and support.

Clean any access petals off the tulips, and then lay them to one side of the arrangement.

Pull off the roses' leaves, save one or two per stem.  Lay the roses on the opposite side as the tulips, to create a balance. (Pro tip: use a long cut on the stems of the roses, this will optimize their longevity)

Cut the hydrangea at the base of their stems; like the roses, a longer cut will help the flowers last.  The more the white inner part of the stem shows the better.  Place hydrangea in the center of the arrangement between the roses and tulips.  

Cut the phalaenopsis orchid, and place it on top of the hydrangea, slightly right of center.  This placement will create a cascading focal point.


Start at the far left with a small collection of wax flowers in the same magenta tone as the orchid.  Again this  placement creates balance.

Float the delicate ranunculus over the display, keeping the stems long in order to show off their graceful lines.  When placing fragile stems into an established structure, make sure to hold the stems toward the bottom for support.

Happy Mother's Day